The Technopreneurship Institute

Tech-I is an innovative free online university. The university advocates holistic education and Project Based Learning and aspires to provide a sustainable model that will make high quality education available to everyone who requires it. The university offers Technology and Entrepreneurship programmes that are directed at building capacity within communities and creating change on the ground resulting in value creation.

Our Vision

Making the world a better place through unleashing the potential of people.

Our Mission Zero

Free and life transforming education achieved with Zero tuition fees.

The Educational Model

Students will attend structured classes online and work on carefully selected projects that benefit them and their community. To assess learning, students will develop learning portfolios and set learning targets, which include successful completing of projects, financial targets and community service. Students will be assigned academic and professional mentors who will observe and certify their learning and provide them with valuable feedback for improvement. Teaching, supervision and mentorship is done by world leading academics and industry leaders who generously volunteered their time to help Tech-i and its students unleash their potential and change the world.

Mission Zero

We believe that the role of education is to help individuals achieve their full potential. Mission Zero, which I hope to be part of realising, has two parts

  • Bringing down the cost of education to Zero for students: We believe in Learning by Doing. Project Based Learning and CDIO are examples of how this can be done. Through the engineering of value adding learning activities, such as students’ projects, education can pay for itself. Simply, when the projects that our students are working on during their studies have value for the community in which they live, providing both jobs and economic value. Through this we can achieve two goals, giving the students an authentic learning experience and making education sustainable.
  • Having Zero impact on the job market: Every year, large number of graduates leave universities and join the scores of people who are looking for jobs. But who is responsible for creating these jobs? This part of Mission Zero is about developing entrepreneurial graduates who think of creating jobs, not only competing for them. When a cohort of 100 graduates leaves a university, if 5 of them end up creating entrepreneurial undertaking and employing 95 people, they will offset the 95 jobs taken by their fellow graduates. This way we can ensure a steady supply of jobs for everyone. The 5:95 ratio is just an example.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Technopreneurship Institute accredited?
A: Not yet! We decided to focus our effort on providing a high quality learning experience for students who may not, otherwise, have access. However, as we move on we shall consider seeking accreditation.
Q: Are there any hidden fees that I should pay to The Technopreneurship Institute?
A: No. The Technopreneurship Institute is absolutely free.
Q: Will I receive a certificate when I successfully complete the programme?
A: Yes.